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Have a question? We’ve put together the following answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Policy arrangements

How do I get a copy of my Helping Hand policy wording?

You can view and download a copy of your policy wording on this website, you will find the wordings on the Insurance Product pages. After buying your cover, you should receive a copy of the policy wording with your welcome email unless you’ve specifically requested it by post.

Should I die, how can I ensure that benefits payable now will be paid to my spouse/partner or family?

You must draw up a will, stating how your estate is to be distributed, in order to ensure that any benefits that are payable are allocated according to your wishes should you die.

In the event of a fatal accident, Personal Accident plan benefits will be paid to the deceased person's estate. In the event of a claim for injury the benefit will be payable to the claimant or in the event of the claimant being a child (if appropriate), Parent or legal guardian. You must still draw up a will, stating how your estate is to be distributed, in order to ensure that any benefits that are payable are allocated according to your wishes should you die.

Are benefits under this plan in any way affected by entitlement to benefits under other insurances?

No. Even if you are entitled to benefits from elsewhere, you will still receive any benefits you are due as a result of taking out this cover.

Can I include my partner?

Yes. You can extend cover to include your spouse; or civil partner, registered pursuant to the Civil Partnership Act; or someone of either sex with whom you have been living for at least three months as though they were your spouse or civil partner.

Can I continue as a member of the plan if I leave my current employment?

Yes. Even if you have taken out cover through your employer / membership, it is arranged as an individual cover so it will be continued as long as the premium is being paid by direct debit and cover is kept in-force.

Are the benefits payable under the plan index linked?

No, the benefits are not index linked, but equally the premiums do not increase annually. Should you wish to alter your cover, it is simply a case of calling Chubb Customer Services on 0345 045 0132 Monday to Friday 9-5.

Yes. Winter sports and other similarly hazardous pursuits are not excluded. The only sports and leisure activities excluded are

  • Air sports including but not limited to ballooning; bungee-jumping; gliding; hang-gliding; micro lighting; parachuting; paragliding; or parascending
  • Taking part in air travel, unless travelling as a fare-paying passenger in an aircraft which is provided and operated by an airline or air charter company which must be licensed for this.


Do the premiums on the Cancer Care policy increase each year?

No, the premiums tend to increase only when you reach a 5 year age step, for example when you move from 49 to 50.


I am already partially disabled. Can I still join the plan?

Yes, it is still possible to join. If you want to take out Personal Accident cover, any existing disability will be taken into account when assessing the benefits payable as a result of any subsequent accident or injury.


I only have 12 months to go before I retire. Can I still join?

Yes, the plan is open to join up to the age of 60, but remember that the cover actually ceases at the age of 70.

Will my benefits automatically reduce when I’m 65?

No. The benefits the Cancer Care policy remain the same until you are 70 and for Personal Accident 75 years old.


What do you mean by 'UK Resident'?

Someone is considered a UK resident if they live here in the first instance for at least 3 months and thereafter for 40 weeks on average each year.


Does Pregnancy affect the cover?

No, your cover is not affected by Pregnancy.

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